Site Terms, App Terms & Privacy Policy

Please read through this important document. Bullet points are used to clarify certain terms.

• App or Apps are a piece of software that run on a device

• External Links are clickable text or images that take you to another website.

• Cookies are text and numbers saved by your web browser to track your use of a website. They could be used to customise content to you or remember items in your shopping cart for example, they may also be used to target you with specific adds based on things you've viewed on that site or others and/or used to gather data.

• IP Address is a number your device uses to connect to the internet.

• A Major Fault does not include minor errors with the App or occasional crashes.


Husky Games is not responsible for External Links or any damage or loss caused by your use of this website or Apps.

Apps are for entertainment purposes only and are provided 'as is' without warranty.


This site does not use Cookies, however External Links may lead to websites that use Cookies.

Personal Data Collected by our Website Host

Our website host is Neocities, they collect your IP Address for statistical purposes, this is subject to their Data Retention Policy.

Google Play Store & Google Services

Your use of the Google Play Store is subject to the Google Play Store Terms of Service , Google Terms Of Service and Google Payments Privacy Notice. Your use of Google Services is subject to Google Privacy Policy, and explains how your personal data is used.

Amazon Appstore and Amazon Services

For United Kingdom users Your use of the Amazon Appstore is subject to the Amazon Appstore for Android Terms of use and Privacy Notice. The privacy notice explains how your personal data is used. If you are outside of the United Kingdom you should visit your countries Amazon Website and view their terms, as they may differ.

Your Use of Apps And Designs

You are not permitted to redistribute,sell, disassemble, modify or hack an App. You are also not permitted to use Husky Games Artwork, Designs, Apps or Music without permission.

In App Purchases

In some Apps you have the option to pay using real money for virtual content within the game, for example, extra levels, lives or power-ups. This feature is only available if you are signed into either the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.


You may be entitled to a refund If an App or In App Purchase was not as described, or if you have a Major Fault with an App or In App Purchase, or made a purchase in error.

If you made a purchase using the Google Play Store please visit this link as soon as possible Google Play Help - Refund.

If you made a purchase using the Amazon Appstore please contact their customer service as soon as possible.

Data you submit

Data you submit to Husky Games may be stored on the service used, and may include personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to, your IP Address, this is to help you with a request or give you a platform to leave comments or reviews, we do not take notice of ideas you submit to us, and any similar App,design or product we create is purely coincidental.

Data you submit to Husky Games will not be stored for longer than necessary, we aim to delete unnecessary data within 30 days.Please be aware that your data may still be stored by the service you used, and it is your responsibility to contact the service and request it to be deleted.

Request Data Deletion

You can request emails or private messages you've sent to Husky Games email or social media to be deleted by contacting Husky Games on the service you originally used. Please be aware that your data may still be stored by the service you used, and it is your responsibility to contact the service and request it to be deleted.

Reviews and Comments

If you leave a review or comment we may contact you and ask if we can use it to promote our Apps or products, if you agree, it may then be used anywhere offline or online and with your permission include your name,you do this as a goodwill gesture and are not entitled to any money, royalties or damages, record of this may be kept incase of a dispute.

If A Data Breach Occurs

In the event of a data breach and if possible, information about it will be swiftly added to our social media, or the Husky Games Home Page for a period of 30 days.

Save game data

Some Apps store save game data locally on your device, this save game data consists of text and numbers and is created, updated and read by the App, its data may contain things such as a username or character name you input, or number of lives or points.

Deleting save game data

If you wish to delete this data you can do so either within the App or, if that isn't available, by uninstalling the App.

Change of Terms and Privacy Policy

Site Terms,App Terms & Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time without notice, it is important you check back regularly to review them.

Date created April 4th 2019
Updated May 5th 2019